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Man-Babies Shave, Too

January 16, 2019

My Twitter feed has been blowing up with people upset over an ad that encourages men to be good role models.

What in the holy hell, people. Who could possibly be offended by this? Or upset by the ideals it espouses?

In short, take care of each other, be a role model. The backlash against anything associated with #MeToo is incomprehensible. We know statistically (which is math, a reasonable stable subject matter atleast where it applies to most people) that sexual assaults and harassment is under-reported enormously, so any movement that encourages people to stand up and raise awareness seems like an entirely usefule and worthwhile endeavor.

I’m hoping that this thread, analyzing sources cited in public media over the outrage, represents the bulk of reality, but I’ve seen a few surprising voices on Twitter shaking with rage from an obviously debilitating sensation that they might be the people the ad is talking about (namely: enormous assholes), and I’m not so sure. I’m hoping though.

Gillete ad below. Watch that, read the Twitter thread above.